T alone in the dark. viagra generic 29. Sense, an old plural form. 32. Accustomed. Note how shakespeare impresses on us the fact that this scene is only one of a number. 37. Satisfy, assure. 39. Out, damned spot. Lady macbeth imagines, herself trying to wash the blood of duncan from her hands. 40. To do't, to kill duncan. She is living over again the night of duncan's murder. She thinks she hears the bell strike two, and knows that this is the signal for her husband to enter the king's chamber. viagra women works 40. buy cheap viagra Hell is murky. These words reveal lady macbeth's brooding fear of the hereafter. They have no connection with the sentence that follows, for macbeth never showed the slightest dread of future punishment. 44, 45. Old man... 'him. She now fancies herself in duncan's chamber, standing over the bed which streams with the blood of the murdered king. 47, 48. buy cheap viagra mexico The thane of fife... Now. Lady macbeth had not been a party to the murder of macduff's wife; but this crime of her husband's is another of the burdens on her conscience. The words in which she mentions lady macduff are thrown into the form of an old song. Perhaps she had heard the snatch of a lament sung for her husband's victims, and is now reproducing it in her sleep. 49, 50. viagra super force No more o' that... Starting. She now imagines herself back at the feast where banquo's ghost had appeared. 51. Go to, an expression of proof. 57. Arabia, a land famous for its spices and perfumes. buy viagra 58. generic viagra Little hand, one of the few allusions in the play to lady macbeth's personal appearance. 59, 60. Sorely charged, heavy laden. 65. Beyond my practice, outside of my experience. 68. Wash your hands. She now fancies herself speaking to her husband directly after the murder of duncan. In the next line she recurs to the scene at the banquet. 70. On's, of his. 72. Even so? , an expression of surprise. 79. Note the change to blank verse. The vivid realism of lady macbeth's broken utterances would have been impossible in metre, and while she spoke in prose her hearers naturally used the same form. viagra generic mexico 79. Foul whisperings, terrible rumours. The doctor may have heard some such talk as that between lennox and the lord in iii. 6. If so his suspicions would be more than confirmed by what he has heard lady macbeth say. 79, 80. Unnatural deeds... Troubles, deeds against nature (cf. Ii. 4. 10, 11) give rise to abnormal evils in the body. 80. Infected minds, guilty souls. 84. The means of all annoyance, anything by which she could harm herself. ________ how to cite the explanatory notes: shakespeare, william. Macbeth. viagra coupon Ed. Thomas marc parrott. New york: american book co. , 1904. buy cheap viagra mexico Shakespeare online. 10 aug. 2010. generic viagra online (date when you accessed the information) <>. ________ related articles  shakespeare's sources and witchcraft   macbeth: the annotated play   macbeth characte. Redirecting .... You will be redirected to a new page, if you are not redirected, please click here